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Simon LaneBy Simon Lane, Sales and Marketing Director, Wellpak

With the rise in super foods’ popularity and all of us striving to eat a more healthy diet, not least by blitzing up homemade smoothies, the demand for berries is soaring. It’s great that, because we have a long established relationship with growers all over the world, consumers can enjoy fresh berries, in season, all year round.

But as we all know, once purchased, berries are high maintenance. It’s an irritation that, until now, we’ve simply tolerated. It is true that berry punnets have evolved over time, albeit only slightly; they once had pop up lids, until the lids popping on supermarket shelves and spillage in the aisles led to customer demand for a safer solution.

So if improvements are possible, it seems silly that we should put up with handling berry punnets so delicately while food shopping for fear of spilling or squashing the contents, then pack them in the fridge only to watch them form a pulp that seeps across the shelf.


Existing berry punnets also take up valuable fridge space, because you can’t stack anything on top of them; other fridge items might contaminate the berries, because the punnets aren’t fully sealed; and if you freeze the berries without decanting them into Tupperware first, they tend to scatter.

All things considered, buying berries might seem like a great idea at the time but invariably over half find their way into the bin, contributing to the £60 a month that UK families waste on food. It’s bad for our budgets as much as our healthy intentions.

While consumers can undoubtedly see the need for better a option, it is the responsibility of berry suppliers and packers to find the solution. Wellpak’s the first to rise to the challenge, and we’ve worked hard to find the answer: the EZO Punnet.

The EZO Punnet is the first resealable, stackable, freezable punnet for soft fruit. This combination of features mean berries boxed in an EZO Punnet will look, feel and taste better for longer, leading to less waste. It’s easy to handle, meaning no more spilt or squashed contents. It will free up fridge space, because you can pile them up. And, what’s more, because the Ezo Punnet is fully sealed, it’s the safest and most hygienic way to store berries in the fridge or freezer.

There is a very real consumer demand for the Ezo Punnet. Afterall, we all know what happened to cheese sales in the US when resealable packets were introduced—they shot up. We’re ready right now to go to market with this and expect consumers to once again vote with their feet.


10th March 2016 Uncategorised Author: sausr
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