Why Salad Alliance?

Major Retailers in the UK are increasingly seeking to reduce the cost of supply by compressing and streamlining the supply chain. Sourcing direct from growers is one significant way to achieve this but growers do not have the local or UK based infrastructure to manage supply effectively. Salad Alliance was established to provide this infrastucture. The contract to supply is always between the grower and the retail customer, with Salad Alliance facilitating the relationship and completing the link with the retail customer.

NFP Companies

A Not For Profit company has Members not Shareholders and profits cannot be distributed to Members. Any surplus is returned to growers or reinvested in the company’s services.

Corporate Responsibility

Salad Alliance actively promotes responsible social, environmental, corporate and regulatory policies to the highest standards.

Social Responsibility Policies


Salad Alliance offers the most direct and least cost route from grower to retailer.


Provide the customer with the most direct, least cost route possible to access the best salad growers

Workplace Culture

We are committed to providing a safe, challenging and rewarding environment in which individuals can flourish.


Inclusive: Supporting and empowering growers to actively manage the supply chain and relationship with retail customers.

Responsible: To develop a low impact sustainable supply chain that secures a future for all stakeholders.

B.R.C: Yes, to Grade A+


Global Gap: Yes

Ethical Code: Yes


Continued development of best salad growers with investment and best agronomic practices.

Inclusion of new members to offer a year-round supply.

development of new categories with grower members.

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